Ashley, Dylan, Myles

This summer, two undergraduate students from Indiana University – Bloomington, Ashley Nolley and Dylan Rizol, and one graduate student from Purdue University, Myles Chandler, are participating in the summer internship program that we’re offering for the first time. Ashley, Dylan, and Myles all bring with them notable qualities, either by way of valued experience and intellect, the ability to take initiative, and by being observant and asking lots of questions.

Up to this point, they’ve contributed to our daily operations management, program management, and assisted and participated in the Nora Elementary School Field Day and Week Without Walls at IPS Public Schools Gambold Prep. Without question, they bring leadership, enthusiasm, and provide other valuable skills and perspectives.

With just under one month of their internship concluded, it’s amazing to think of the growth and development they’ve achieved so far. Especially when you consider they still have two months left, we’re esteemed to watch them continue to grow and prosper. We hope that at the end of their internship, they’ll have become more viable, and experienced job applicants once they enter the workforce. Also, we hope that they look back on this experience with fondness and always leave a soft spot in their heart for Nine13.