November 16, 2016


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Dear Nine13sports Team,

Thank you so much for coming to Brentwood Elementary School.  Our students really enjoyed their experience riding bikes during physical education class last week.  I am always looking for activities that our students enjoy and encourage lifelong physical activity.  Your program is an excellent example of demonstrating a lifelong activity. 

I like using a station approach while teaching to give students opportunity to participate in many different activities during a single class session.  The Nine13sports bikes fit into the idea of encouraging students to be active 60 minutes every day, as well as, into our routine of physical education class.  The students liked cheering on their classmates to finish each segment.  Although your program does not urge students to be competitive, my students loved to see who finished first on the video screen.  My favorite part of the program was the simulation of really riding bikes.  The bikes added tension going up hills and released tension going down the hills to give students a “real life” experience.

Your team is fantastic!  Each team member was friendly and professional.  You arrived on time, set up, and gave student instructions in a quick efficient manner.  Your directions were easily understood and not too complicated for brief class sessions.  You praised each of our students, gave high fives, assisted our special needs and/or struggling students.  All students had a positive experience. 

I highly recommend Nine13Sports to any school or organization.  Their staff gave our students an amazing and meaningful experience on bikes!



Mrs. Madalin Eakes

Physical Education Teacher

Brentwood Elementary School