Dear Nine13sports,

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It was an absolute privilege working with all of you this past week! What an awesome program to introduce and help elementary understand the benefits of riding a bike and the safety aspects too. The “Kids Riding Bikes” program is an engaging, relevant, and purposeful experience for every person.

We are very fortunate to have had your program visit all our elementary schools! I was extremely impressed with your team’s enthusiasm, excitement, and passion displayed with students of all ages. Your communication between myself and the other schools was top notch. Thank for providing us with detailed information in advance and answering all of our questions in a timely manner.

All of our elementary PE teachers have nothing but great things to share about your program and we hope that this is becoming a long-lasting relationship between Brownsburg Community Schools, your team, and sponsors.

As a physical educator… one my top priorities is introducing the students to as many exercise movement experiences possible. In hopes that they will leave my class and continue to be active and improve their quality of life. My students absolutely loved your program and I know it is something that carry on into the rest of their lives. They are already asking when you will be back again!

With much gratitude and appreciation,

Zach Kelley