I am writing to let everyone at Nine13sports know how much I appreciated the work they did at Clark Elementary school. I really could not believe how involved and excited the Nine13sports staff was to work with our students. They came in everyday with smiles and their upbeat attitudes ready to teach our kids. The students at Clark saw this enthusiasm and could not wait to get on the bikes. The students loved using the bikes, some of which have never even ridden a bike before. To see the students so excited and willing to ride over and over again was awesome. Most of all the fact that Nine13sports even stayed on a Friday night for our family fun festival shows you how dedicated they are to teaching students and their families about the joy of riding a bike. We had many siblings, parents, and even grandparents ride with their students at our festival. This to me was the icing on the cake. This brought in that family connection and I have had many students and parents tell me that they have since  been out on bike rides as family. So, I can not thank Nine13sports enough for their work with our students here at Clark. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again next year.


Scott Sherry 

Physical Education Teacher 

Clark Elementary School