Part of our internship program involves each intern writing a blog about a particular topic they’ve learned or discovered.  For this one, Dylan Rizol, a Business Management major at Indiana University, has tackled the blog:

This summer has been an exciting one for me and as it finally begins to wrap up I thought I would share my thoughts on it, mostly about Nine13sports.

This is my last summer as a college student which means I start my senior year in August, which is honestly terrifying to think about.  This is when I am forced to think about what comes next and try to answer the question of how I am going to deal with it.  I like to think that my internship with Nine13sports this summer is going to help me answer these questions and make my unknown future that much more attainable.

Working here for the past four months has really taught me a lot about what to expect in the “real world.”  To say that I’ve loved my time here would be an understatement, it has absolutely been one of the best experiences that I’ve had in my life.  And I saw that because it has been both a lot of fun and very informative and every minute of it has been great.

The experience of interning with Nine13sports this summer has been a “thumbs up” for Dylan.

Tom Hanley and Ashley Acuff have been great from the start, every chance they get they have worked with me, showed me, and taught me different ways to think and do things.  They’ve been able to expand my knowledge of the working and business world exponentially.  Chris Harris has also been stellar since I was interviewed by him back in April.  He has helped me really gain my footing within Nine13sports and he helped me understand a lot of the hands on operations that we do here, which would’ve taken me much longer if I had to learn it myself.  Finally my two partners in crime, Myles Chandler and Ashley Nolley, have been awesome to have as interns with me.  They constantly challenge me to do my best and when we work together it’s always a blast.

Heading out into the unknown is scary and makes me question if I’m really ready for it.  That question is to be determined, but I know I will definitely be more prepared after working at Nine13sports than I would’ve been otherwise.   So all I have to say is that it has been an amazing experience to work with such great people and a great organization, and that whoever takes my place as a new intern is definitely in for a great time.