One of my favorite spots to take photos while at a programming site is when I can be just behind the students and they aren’t looking at me.  Kids love to ham it up for the camera even when they are trying to go as fast as they can.  I was editing some images last night and kept coming back to this one.

It’s candid and real and here is what I see when I look at it:

  • Coach Ken talking to the kids using his hands (and if you know Coach Ken–you know this exact gesture he has going)
  • the fact the girl closest to the camera (rider 1) isn’t looking at Ken but instead is focused only on the TV to see how fast she is going (and putting her left hand back on the handlebar after I told her she had to have both hands)
  • and the boy (rider 2) next to her who has pivoted his head in such a way as to have eye to eye contact with Coach Ken
  • the third rider (boy) in the frame turning his head to say something to the boy next to him
  • the fourth rider (girl with long hair) has her legs in a position in which she is ready to attack the pedals and the course as soon as Coach Ken is done with final instructions

What do we love about this job?  Every moment is different, every group is different, and every kid is different–and the things we learn every day make us better individuals both personally and professionally.