Thank you. To all of you.

This week my email has been filling up with early happy birthdays, and a lot of “you’ve grown a lot in the last year!” as we quickly approach 9/13, September 13, Nine13, however you want to visualize it. With it falling on a weekend this year, I figured I would use our blog today as a platform to thank everyone who has made the last year possible.

a year ago, I certainly hoped to have an awesome squad like this, but am so happy that it has materialized

Looking back over the last few years, especially the last two, and I’m humbled by where I find myself today. A year ago, I was the only full time employee at Nine13 and while convinced my vision was good, was still at times struggling with implementing it. Two years ago, I can visualize eating waffles at the Speak Easy and working away on my laptop trying to get Nine13 from proofed idea and transform it into a functional organization.

It’s been a wild ride and I’ve been fortunate to have many more highs than lows. We’ve been lucky to have incredible corporate partners and donors who have made a difference in our growth. Most importantly, I’ve got great staff that I’m fortunate to call friends. As I turn 29, I’m proud of what I dreamed and envisioned back in the day and I’m eager to see what the next year has in store for Nine13, my staff, and my professional and personal life.

this is what it’s all about, creating opportunity for everyone

Yesterday, I was given the best kind of birthday gift. I was able to give a student a chance to do something with his classmates and help connect him with our technology, even if it wasn’t on our bikes. This student, let’s call him “Jay”, has cerebral palsy and while unable to physically ride, has a love for technology. Coach Acuff and I got him situated with our system laptop and were able to show him how to run it and he loved being able to help us out and be the starting pistol for his classmates. Since day one of Nine13, I’ve said that the bikes are the ultimate equalizers in a variety of ways and nothing warms my heart more than to see the creation of community take place right in front of me.



Tom Hanley