As we continue to push for expansion in 2016 here in Central Indiana, we’re making sure we are educating the community on why we need to expand and the thousands of youth that will benefit. Please read the open letter our executive director wrote explaining his view.

more program sites means more Kids Riding Bikes

Background: In 2015, Nine13sports programming created more than 25,000 youth interactions with 7,500 individual youth. Nine13sports has experienced significant growth over the last 24 months. As of January, our calendar is at capacity and fully funded with our current operations team. For Nine13sports to meet the needs of the community by serving additional schools, it is imperative to secure funding to deploy three additional operations team and quadruple our operating capacity.

Scheduling Logistics: Kids Riding Bikes programs took place in 40 schools and youth sites during 2015 while the waiting list of schools interested in the program exceeds 200 individual school sites across 15 districts.

Additional Team Capacity: By adding additional operations teams, Nine13 will be able to grow our program capacity, be able to serve an additional 40 schools per calendar year, and also create 30,000 youth interactions. Given the programming demand, the second operations team is imperative to our future growth and ability to serve the Central Indiana community.

Costs: To field an additional operations team, a minimum of $150,000 is needed to ensure first- year operations. This will cover all equipment expenses required for first-year operations and three full time salaries and we are seeking engagements that span a two year total commitment.

Funding Preferences: The preferred funding for the second operations team is from a foundation, corporate partner or other interested party interested in fully funding the team and receiving recognition for the funding for a period of two years. This team will be referred to as the “XYZ Team” and benefit from visible branding throughout operations.

Timeline: When funding is finalized, Nine13sports is ready to immediately deploy a second operations team. The quicker the funding is secured the more students in Central Indiana that will benefit from the programming in 2016.