Written by: Tom Hanley-Nine13sports Development Director

Everything we do at Nine13sports is a bit different and a bit out there.  We’re not embarrassed about it, honestly we’re proud of the ways we have challenged the norms with many things and tried to find better ways.

The NPO world can be a tough one, we’re all competing for much of the same available funds and grants.  Just this week I have had discussions with two schools that are going after grants that we are actively seeking as well…it’s the name of the game and is part of the business.  Sometimes it is interesting because Nine13sports is used to promote their own health initiatives while we promote our organization–but at the end of the day we’re all working together in the community.

Which is why I, as the director of business development, have launched a hopefully “fun” initiative for all of the Central Indiana non-profits.


Want this? We want yours

I’m calling it the #913Texchange.  My goal?  I want to promote a NPO culture of learning more about one another here in Indianapolis and meeting some cool people within different organizations in the process.  The concept is simple–I want other non-profits t-shirts for Nine13sports and I’ll trade you one of our t-shirts for yours.  No games, no gimmicks–just t-shirts from NPO’s that focus on youth, community, fitness or Central Indiana.  All I ask is that you supply a flyer, a postcard or anything else that tells the story of the non-profit the shirt represents.

You pick the size of the Nine13sports shirt you want, hang it on the wall, wear it, give it to a co-worker–whatever you want.

I’m committing 10 shirts from our stock and I hope I need to change that to 20 shirts.  Help us learn more about your non-profit and take a moment to learn about us.

We’re not quite sure what we’ll be doing with the shirts we get in trade yet–but if we get enough we’re leaning towards making a piece of art out of them and finding a great spot to display it that highlights that community effort we all make in the world of Central Indiana.

Email me at thanley@nine13sports.org if you’re up for the trade–let’s make Indianapolis better by understanding what we all do better.