Today’s blog is a moment to reflect, share and love

-Tom Hanley

Two years ago today our personal lives were turned upside down in a way that brought us to our very knees individually and collectively.  Jim Douglas, A good friend of Nine13sports whom was an advisor in the quest to turn our concept into reality, was killed when a driver of a commercial vehicle he was on ran a red light in downtown Indianapolis.  Aboard that bus were Ken and myself for what was supposed to be a day of celebration for my wedding.

The first person I asked to join our updated board of directors, a person who unequivocally supported my passion for youth health through cycling, my beloved friend Jim gave advice during his life that often was incorporated into Nine13sports concepts.  Now two years after his death when I take a step back and look at what we’ve done and how we’ve done it, I realize the wisdom he bequeathed upon me can now be seen in the smiles of the many youth we interact with.  In fact…often I do a double take looking at a student because the same huge smile on their face is what Jim always had whenever he was on a bike.

Nine13sports is closed today and holds June 5th in our hearts for so many reasons.  The picture today–it’s meant to be a bit darker, a reference to simple color, neon lights and the craziness that often was knowing Jim.  It’s also directly symbolic, the theme of the neon lights that are on and burning bright today in honor of Jim in our hearts and minds.

If you get a chance today, do me a favor and get out for a short bike ride.  And as you are out for your ride regardless if it is one mile or one hundred miles–smile as big as you can and enjoy every minute, just like Jim would.

Friend-We miss you every single day.


Free Will and Tailwinds Jim.


-Ken & John