We’re excited to have finalized and formalized our upcoming schedule for the next 5 weeks which begins on Monday.

Monday: Shelbyville Schools (Coulston Elementary)+

Tuesday: Perry Township Scools (Perry Meridian High School)+

Wednesday: Mooresville Schools (Paul Hadley Middle School)+

Thursday: Lawrence Township Schools (Belzer Middle School)+

Friday:  Indianapolis Public Schools (Sidener Academy)*

+ denotes a brand new school district we have not operated in previously

* denotes a premier school partner that we provide programs to once per semester to understand long term data collection

As you can see, we’ve got four brand new school districts coming online.  We’ll be giving credit to each corporate partner throughout the five weeks, but a huge thanks to Major Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Indiana Air National Guard and Lids Foundation for being the funding partners of these school districts.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!