We were thrilled to be able to announce our new program with IPS called Bicycling for Change on Monday.  It’s been something we’ve been developing for the last four months in specific design and something we started discussing internally back in August when we launched with IPS for the first time.

We were so fortunate last summer when Mr. Scheck and Mr. Smalls contacted us to ask about bringing our programming to their IPS sites.  It brought us to Sidener Academy and George Buck Elementary and allowed us to works with hundreds of students that were great to work with.  We’re fortunate that both of these teachers became vocal and consistent advocates for Nine13sports, our programs, our approach and our staff.  These are two incredible teachers that IPS is so lucky to have–these teachers continuously inspire our whole staff to achieve greatness in different and new ways.

Back in November, we met with the heads of fitness within IPS after being directed to them by one of the funding partners we were in discussions with–and the program officially grew and took on its name from there.

Bicycling for Change is our new program tailored specifically to IPS; it will allow us to bring programming to a minimum of 24 schools over 18 months and grow our efforts by providing over 11,000 youth interactions. We’re currently working on solidifying and finalizing funding for the $125,000 program that will come from a Foundation/Funding Entity.  We developed this whole program around NOT taking money from a school system that is already stretched to the limit.

If you didn’t read the press release–you can do so here

Our programs are rock star, our students our rock star–and the passion we have for making Indianapolis healthier and more fit is rock star.  We can’t wait to grow within the IPS system!