The trailer was overdue for a build-out, by like, a year.  There’s a whole list of reasons why it took that long, but as part of the positive changes we made internally in the last few months it was priority number one as we continue to grow.

The trailer itself was stripped last weekend of everything inside of it and we started with a blank slate.  One upside to using the trailer every day is learning exactly what is needed.  We took a setup that you couldn’t even walk in when it was loaded and that we knew risked damage to equipment and turned it into a pro-level setup that will allow us to continue to expand and grow in the near future.  We’re getting ready to add a couple more bikes to our fleet and get some spare Computrainers, so this was especially important to get done so we could understand the best way to grow the trailer itself in the future as we grow.  We took full advantage of the metal studs in the trailer and crafted a pretty solid build-out from the blank slate we had to work with.


bikes were just stacked in the nose of the trailer

stuff was just on the floor

fresh start

it really is a lot of gear that we have

After the Build

the floor is clean, everything has a home and can be rolled right off using the ramp

Everything is strapped down and we have lots of extra e-track for growth and extra items.  The bins on the shelf are full of spare parts and Nine13 merchandise.

had gone back on forth on the bike system, but after trial and error this is an awesome setup and the bikes don’t shift in transit

Two carts contain everything that goes inside of the program sites. These and the bikes and TV is all we need. Soon, we’ll be going to a projector based display and the TV will only be used in special events when we’re outside and this will further allow us to streamline our loading and unloading.

we keep the Regions Bank sponsored bikes on The Rig for either marketing events or at times, for our staff to utilize

TV has a brace cradle built to allow for tension to be applied while still sitting up straight.

while we normally use just one table at a site, we have 2 long tables and 1 folding table available for special events or staging and they have their own slide in/slide out cradle