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I wrote these words in a letter this morning but thought they were fitting for our blog as well.

“Yesterday, at our first day with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, we had a ton of new kids and rides.  That is nothing out of the ordinary for a Tuesday these days, but something happened that will remain with me forever.  We had an 11 year old kid who had never ridden a bike before who was apprehensive to try.  We encouraged him to get on and watched somewhat painfully as he couldn’t sync his legs and the pedals and got “stuck” at the top of the pedal stroke.  We offered some quick advice and soon it was no longer painful to watch.—his eyes lit up as he rode ½ mile and then 1 mile and hit almost 14 miles per hour.  It was a reminder of the advocacy we undertake every day and that one kid had the guts to try something he had never once done before and didn’t back down.  He believed he could make that bicycle his own; at least for a few moments in time, and with every intention of coming back next week to ride again.”