Here at Nine13sports, we’re fortunate to have a countless number of partnerships that we’ve established over the years, from Franciscan Alliance to Freewheelin’ Community Bikes. Today, we’re showing gratitude for a recent partnership that we’ve developed within the past year with the video production platform Candidio.

For those who are unfamiliar, Candidio allows you to shoot your own video clips on your smartphone and send them to the company for editing and finalizing. A few days later, you’ll receive a top-quality finished video that you’re able to share on your website, blog, e-mail messages, and social media profiles. It really is as simple as shoot, send, and share!

By partnering with Candidio, we’re able to record Kids Riding Bikes℠ on our smartphones and have the peace of mind that we’ll be receiving an outstanding video, which enables us broaden how we connect with our audience, in addition to deepening our relationships. To give you an idea of how excellent their videos are, be sure you check out the video they assembled from our time at the IPS Field Day!

And it certainly doesn’t hurt Candidio that what we did was cool enough to feature Nine13sports in their advertising and marketing efforts in 2015. Check out their demo video featuring our staff.

Just this past week, we had the opportunity to take a visit to another one of our amazing partners, Bicycle Garage Indy, and communicate the features of Candidio. Furthermore, we recorded some video, captured some photographs, and submitted it all to Candidio for them to complete a video for BGI. We’re looking forward to the seeing the finished video and collaborating with all of our wonderful partners for many years to come!

Our Executive Director, Tom Hanley, talking to the Chief Operating Officer of Bicycle Garage Indy, Scott Helvie, about Candidio.