As we get ready to launch our summer programming next week at Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis we’ve been staying busy.  We totally gutted our website from the ground up and late last night made a smooth transition to a new Theme and better behind the scenes function.  This has been going on slowly for the past three weeks but last night was the big dance and we took the systems down at 10 PM so Tom could get everything up and running by morning.

And he didn’t disappoint, despite pulling an all-nighter due to some final issues the new site is up and looks much fresher than the previous one.  A few minor changes appearance wise but for the most part it is the same.


We heard you all ask for the past few months about clothing and where you could buy it.  Part of the system migration for the website was to be able to better host an online commerce section and we’re really excited for it to be up and running.

We’re beta testing this concept with the shirts we already have but would LOVE to have a good reason of why we need to order more.  Here’s the deal, we’re selling our “team” items to the public and those are the designs that will remain pretty consistent into the future.  What we’re really excited about is laying the framework for an always changing limited edition one-run design.  Think of the concept of buying a cool design that was crafted by one of the Nine13sports staff, or a local painter, or a retired graffiti artist, or maybe from a class we work with at Nine13sports.  Always changing, always fun, and just enough profit to be able to put back into our programming.

[singlepic id=268 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=right]

First round only has the last few shirts we’ve got left so it is slim selection already.  We highly suggest checking out the Team Tee Shirt-Short Sleeve as we have every size but XXL.

Who knows, maybe these shirts will get picked up by a local bike shop, or a bike manufacturer, or the latest celebrity and we can finance hundreds of kids….who knows!

Check it out, flat rate shipping for first 3 items of $6.50.   Special coupon valid through Friday 6/15 for 9% off is promo code: rockoursocksoff

if you see any weird glitches email Tom at  We know there are a few (pictures not rendering properly or sized wrong, and some odd navigation issues but the only way to find out what doesn’t work is to turn it loose)