Our corporate life is interesting as every six weeks we wrap up programs at a site and move on.  In some ways it’s bittersweet, we really get to know the kids and they are excited to see us and then we say good-bye.  We’ve got a great set of partners we try to funnel them towards with the main focus being Freewheelin’ Community Bicycles to continue to nurture and encourage their new love of the bicycle.  As we grow we’re finding new ways to come back and work with the same students down the road to focus on “repeated interactions” and track the longer term data that we find interesting.

Some highlights from our program test-outs yesterday at Boys & Girls Club:

the largest performance increase was one of our hardest working students who saw a 34.71% increase in speed on our flat test course

over 50% of those that saw improvement saw it in excess of 10% on the flat course

80% of those that improved on the hilly course did so with more than an 11% improvement

those are numbers for these kids to be proud of!