Although we understand the importance and value that office work breeds, we’re not shy in expressing that our hearts lie fully in the day-to-day programming that we bring thousands of students throughout the Central Indiana area every school year. To that end, we’re enthused to be back to doing multiple school programming this week! After starting off the school year at Central Nine last week in Greenwood, we’re looking forward to visiting them again this week for Week Two, in addition to two more schools, Clarence Farrington Elementary School 61 in Indianapolis and Martinsville West Middle School. Bringing our programming to these schools would not have been made possible without the following amazing partners: Regions Bank, the Central Indiana Community Foundation, and Franciscan St. Francis Health.  Your kindness, sense of good, and teamwork is something that we’re thrilled to be able to pass along to all of these students. You truly are the ultimate ambassadors of everything good in the Central Indiana community!

Moments such as these wouldn’t be possible without the incredible people of Regions Bank, CICF, and Franciscan St. Francis Health, among others.