To conclude the summer internship program, each intern will write about one particular topic or discovery they made while working at Nine13sports.  For this one, Ashley Nolley, a Sport Marketing & Management major at Indiana University, has tackled the blog:

It’s hard to believe that my summer with Nine13 is coming to an end.  These past four months have been some of the most fun, eye opening, and rewarding moments of my college career.  It’s been an incredible opportunity to work with one of the hardest working entrepreneurs in Indianapolis.

Throughout this summer, I have learned many valuable things you can’t learn in a classroom.  One of those things is the importance of knowing what kind of culture you’re getting yourself into when accepting any position.  There are some organizations where the title of intern gets you the opportunity to deliver mail, make coffee, and complete all the jobs no one else wants to do.  There are other internships that require you to dress in a suit every day to sit inside a cubicle with little human interaction.  Fortunately for me, this internship has been nothing like either of those two examples.

Getting interviewed by The Saturday Shelby was just one of the many exciting moments Ashley experienced this summer.

Tom Hanley, Ashley Acuff, and Chris Harris have created an exciting, helpful, and fun atmosphere at Nine13.  It’s exciting to be excited about going to work.  It’s exciting to be part of a growing organization for kids.  It’s exciting to work with people who are excited about their jobs and are excited to have your help.

This experience has been amplified by my other partners in crime, Dylan Rizol and Myles Chandler, who have taught me and grown with me so much over the past four months.  Without these two around, we wouldn’t have been able to have the belly-hurting laughing fits on a daily basis.

One other important life skill you can’t learn in a classroom, and the skill I am probably most proud of, is that I am now a master of ratchet straps.  This might not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but to us in the office, the mastery of ratchet straps means you’ve made it.