We wrapped up our great program session yesterday at BGCI Wheeler-Dowe.  It’s hard to believe summer is “over” and the kids are getting ready to head back to school already.  Over the course of the 5 weeks of programming we ran through our usual Kids Riding Bikes curriculum and data tracked the performance of the students.  The improvements we saw in their on the bike performances resulted from the hard work they put into the bikes and the general fitness activities provided by Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis.

Our “Foxtrot” test course saw a 5.7% improvement during test out’s yesterday

Our “Golf” test course saw a 8.0% improvement during the test out’s yesterday

Both of these courses are short and fast, designed to push the students muscle memory and fast twitch muscle fibers.  We are impressed with the efforts of the students and always love the partnership we have with Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis.

None of this would have been possible without the awesome support of Arbor Homes who stepped up to be the presenting sponsor at the last second back in June.  A huge thanks to Arbor Homes President Curtis Rector for giving Nine13sports a chance to make an impact with one of the greatest community resources in Central Indiana–the youth at BGCI.